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Christopher S. Harris, Author

Books, Novellas, and Short Stories

A Short Story

Fulfilling a Vow
A Ring of Worlds Short Story

Adrienne Vorpahl murdered members of his family to prove a point. Galen Ohahakehte swore a solemn vow and bound it into his soul with magic when the dread archlīc showed the world that she believed no one could stop her.

Galen’s path to vengeance, however, takes an unexpected turn as he becomes the mentor to Alexander Eldred, a fourteen-year-old prodigy brimming with immense magical potential. The old sorcerer is reasonably sure that training a teenage boy will be easier than defeating an undead monster, but he knows there are no guarantees with magic…


Debut Series

The Ring of Worlds

The novels of the Ring of Worlds are my debut series, featuring a fun and diverse cast of characters in a high-fantasy, high-tech universe. I'll keep you updated on developments as we get closer to publication!


Reunion of the Three

Book One


The Sorcerer's Gambit

Book Two

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The Vergence of Time

Book Three

Coming Summer 2024

About Christopher S. Harris

I'm an artist and author who's been crafting stories since my childhood. My debut series, 'The Ring of Worlds,' is inspired by my love of high-fantasy and science fiction. When I'm not writing, I enjoy gaming, reading, and exploring new worlds--real and imaginary.

Chris and Jen Harris, 2916
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